Thursday, 8 September 2016

Management Strategy.


This article is about inner policies within NIDAN Software, about cooperation, team strategy & management, about making our work fluid, efficient, solid & stable.

While CEO & author of this blog (Andrzej Wysocki) lacks in Management Education, i aim for a 'Technological Lead' role.

We'll include Trusted & Professional Management in NIDAN Software's Decision Board, when it's convenient, needed & neccessary.

We'll learn from a proper books, as well.

Books to read.

Books to read include following topics:

1. Psychology in a Team Management.
2. Employees Rights in Management.
- 'Organizing Trade Unions in Europe'. Jan Czarzasty, Adam Mrozowicki, SCHOLAR 2014.
3. Money & Costs Management.
4. Risks Management.
5. Projects & Quality Management with a focus on the IT, but Art & other as well.
- 'Extreme Programming' - Development Methodology. Kent Beck, Mikom 2001.
- 'Rational Unified Process, practical approach'. Per Kroll, Philippe Kruchten. WNT 2007.

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