Saturday, 3 September 2016


(an article under construction, to be edited in future).

In our Company, we Appreciate & Respect Art.

No matter how small, no matter the style.

We do not accept terror or rape however, as far as it's reasonable as well.

Art Opens Mind & Eyes, not only the Technological Excellence, even if we focus on Art-Tech mostly.

Our employees should Respect Art, even if they do not understand or do not like a certain style, including the initial kids' works.

(click to enlarge, if You wish).

Our main Product is: 'Art & Dharma Teachings' Project, still in a very early design phase.

(click to enlarge, if You wish).

Other a very-important Product is: 'Ola AH' Programming Language, still in an early design phase, as well.

Later we'll expand with a 'NIDAN Software Nanotechnology Group', as well.

... for now i work on low costs & alone with insights, later will open it formally when/if i can, probably in 12-20 years, i think.

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