Thursday, 8 September 2016

Customer Relations, Art, Marketing & Sales Strategy.

(a placeholder for an article, to be rewritten & elaborated in a future, when well thought & ready).

This article is about external policies of NIDAN Software;

'Customer Relations, Art, Marketing & Sales Group' should be free & indpendent, but still closely related with NIDAN Software, perhaps with assets & shares exchanges as well.

Initial Ideas:

- 'Customer Relations' is in our case mostly 'Customer Support' (not only technical) as well as Management,
- 'Art' is Very Important, far more Precious than only for 'Sales', but yes - for 'Marketing & Sales' as well,
- 'Marketing' is 'Introducing a Product on Market', this includes proper Advertisements, as well as Business, Media & Art,
- 'Sales' Department is important, not only for income increases, but also for 'Customers Research & Satisfaction' - we don't want to sell something useless to a Customer.

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