Thursday, 8 September 2016

Customer Relations, Art, Marketing & Sales Strategy.

(a placeholder for an article, to be rewritten & elaborated in a future, when well thought & ready).

This article is about external policies of NIDAN Software;

'Customer Relations, Art, Marketing & Sales Group' should be free & indpendent, but still closely related with NIDAN Software, perhaps with assets & shares exchanges as well.

Initial Ideas:

- 'Customer Relations' is in our case mostly 'Customer Support' (not only technical) as well as Management,
- 'Art' is Very Important, far more Precious than only for 'Sales', but yes - for 'Marketing & Sales' as well,
- 'Marketing' is 'Introducing a Product on Market', this includes proper Advertisements, as well as Business, Media & Art,
- 'Sales' Department is important, not only for income increases, but also for 'Customers Research & Satisfaction' - we don't want to sell something useless to a Customer.

- Nitescence by Nerialka on deviantART. -

Management Strategy.


This article is about inner policies within NIDAN Software, about cooperation, team strategy & management, about making our work fluid, efficient, solid & stable.

While CEO & author of this blog (Andrzej Wysocki) lacks in Management Education, i aim for a 'Technological Lead' role.

We'll include Trusted & Professional Management in NIDAN Software's Decision Board, when it's convenient, needed & neccessary.

We'll learn from a proper books, as well.

Books to read.

Books to read include following topics:

1. Psychology in a Team Management.
2. Employees Rights in Management.
- 'Organizing Trade Unions in Europe'. Jan Czarzasty, Adam Mrozowicki, SCHOLAR 2014.
3. Money & Costs Management.
4. Risks Management.
5. Projects & Quality Management with a focus on the IT, but Art & other as well.
- 'Extreme Programming' - Development Methodology. Kent Beck, Mikom 2001.
- 'Rational Unified Process, practical approach'. Per Kroll, Philippe Kruchten. WNT 2007.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Altruism & Labour Union Organization.


Our Corporation should be formed in a Labour Union model.

This icludes it's Mission & a Business Plan, as well.

What is a Labour Union?

a Trade Union is an organization of workers who have come together to achieve common goals such as protecting the integrity of its trade, achieving higher pay and benefits such as health care and retirement, increasing the number of employees an employer assigns to complete the work, safety standards, and better working conditions.

a Labour Union is organization that works as well, not only criticizes firm they work in. this includes minimalism in consumption, self-critic & independence, a mix of a Trade Union & a Company that shares.

Why Altruism?

it's not only about individual & egoistic self-interrests.

you don't believe this?

please understand that it's easier to persuade others to join common cause, rather than imposing egoistic self-interrests on others.

Labour Unions should affect Society, Work & Law; this can be reached with proper amount of involved people & with proper skillful methods.

How to Organize?

organizing is:
- recruiting new members to a Labour Union,
- increasing efficiency with which workers can affect employers - in & beyond one company,

efficiency in & beyond one company includes:
- organizing Self-Organization of Employees, including organizing Poorly Represented Employees,
- organizing Collective Democracy,
- increasing Reach of Collective Labour Agreement - beyond one Firm, also on Society & Law,
- organizing Employees in new Economic Sectors.

- 'Organizing Trade Unions in Europe', a book. -
- 'Research & Practice'. -

Dana, a Spiritual Offering.

Dana is a Spiritual Offering in Buddhism, important part of The Way.

i accept other beliefs & opinions, but personally i think that corporations & income are fine as long as they share with others ...

While i am anti-consumerist, i emphasize Minimalism in consumption, not Anti-Corporate ideology.

Corporations should share.

'Anti-consumerism is a sociopolitical ideology opposed to consumerism, which discourages ever-growing purchasing and consumption of material possessions. Anti-consumerist activists express concern over modern corporations or organizations that pursue solely economic goals at the expense of environmental, social, or ethical concerns; these concerns overlap with those of environmental activism, anti-globalization, and animal-rights activism. One variation on this is the concept of postconsumers, who emphasize moving beyond addictive consumerism.'

See also: Anti-consumerism on Wikipedia.

CEO / Technical Leader's Career.

i was interrested with Computing & Computer Sciences since early childhood, i learned a bit of computer sciences as well.

i started to work 'unofficially' to earn for University Studies, including Computer Sciences, at a fairly young age - this was very hard & tiring, as i did both at once, despite my low self-esteem that i had since my childhood as well.

i completed 1 year, was admitted on 2nd - still had good & very good grades mostly.

then i had a severe depression, i was in the terrible condition, feared to leave home even - so i fell away from University.

then when i felt a little better, i went Meditating to a Stupa House Buddhist Center.

i found work & worked despite Symptoms Returning fairly often, my Employers (Michał Kłeczek & Grzegorz Kadaj of XPro) were Compassionate enough to not fire me too early for that; one of them (Grzegorz Kadaj) even visited me at a Mental Hospital.

i worked for about 4,5 years in XPro & Connectis companies, gained lot of Professional Experience, learned a lot about object-oriented programming, about Java, about many java-related tools & technologies including Eclipse, Maven & SVN most notably. i became a Professional Internet Applications Programmer. i collected many IT-related books as well, but read a little because the work was tiring.

eventually i was fired however, i was exhausted, spent, had money crisis.

i was allowed to Meditate again for a fairly longer while, i am very grateful for that.

i opened my mind for Arts, as well as for other Ways.

i worked on my tech, read books & involved myself with Arts, family & government organizations helped, even with a little money, as well as with a free food, cleaning supplies, cosmetics & clothing.

soon i will go through therapy that will prepare me for more work; i hope i'll succeed in that soon enough.

my career plan is:

- 3 years in Cyber Security as a Hacker (HACKINT), in EU NATO Structure,
- a little of a break, a few months preferably,
- 3 years in Artificial Intelligence, in EU NATO Structure as well,
- a little of a break, a few months preferably,
- 5 years of the Mathematics Study at Warsaw University, for Masters Degree (Cryptography, Fractals & Computing Theory & Analysis, as well as what's needed for future - included in that),
- a little of a break, a few months preferably,
- then we'll see, but goal is for the NEMS Nanotech mostly, NEMS Cloud Swarms controlled by AI, in EU NATO Structure as well,


i'll care for Art as well, during all the time.

it's mostly for my practical education, i can earn less if i learn well enough.

i'll use what i'll learn in my Company's Missions.


NIDAN Demo 3D.

(an article under construction, to be edited in future).

NIDAN Demo 3D.

(a demo still under construction as well).


(an article under construction, to be edited in future).

In our Company, we Appreciate & Respect Art.

No matter how small, no matter the style.

We do not accept terror or rape however, as far as it's reasonable as well.

Art Opens Mind & Eyes, not only the Technological Excellence, even if we focus on Art-Tech mostly.

Our employees should Respect Art, even if they do not understand or do not like a certain style, including the initial kids' works.

(click to enlarge, if You wish).

Our main Product is: 'Art & Dharma Teachings' Project, still in a very early design phase.

(click to enlarge, if You wish).

Other a very-important Product is: 'Ola AH' Programming Language, still in an early design phase, as well.

Later we'll expand with a 'NIDAN Software Nanotechnology Group', as well.

... for now i work on low costs & alone with insights, later will open it formally when/if i can, probably in 12-20 years, i think.